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Essential Facts About The Canadian Video Game Industry
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November 27 2014
Ludia joins ESAC

LudiaThe Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) today announced that Ludia has joined ESAC as its newest associate member.

Ludia is a leading developer and publisher of licensed games for mobile. Founded in 2007, Ludia is based in the heart of Old Montreal.

“Ludia is another great addition to ESAC’s growing associate membership,” said Jayson Hilchie, President & CEO of ESAC. “Studios like Ludia who focus on licensed social and mobile properties are important to the industry as they serve to expand the types of people playing video games.”

“Membership with ESAC will allow us to become more active participants in fostering a positive development for the future of the Canadian video game industry,” said Alex Thabet, President & CEO of Ludia. “We’re happy to join the association.”

Ludia has had several hit games featured on all major mobile distribution channels, Dragons: Rise of Berk®, The Flinstones®, Family Feud®, Jurassic Park, Press Your Luck®, The Price Is Right® and Where’s Waldo?®.


Essential Facts 2014

ESAC strives to be an indispensable source of information about the Canadian video game industry.Essential facts 2014 cover EN

ESAC commissions and produces original research about the economic contribution of the video game industry to Canada’s economy as well as reports on the demographics of Canadian gamers.

Below, you’ll find the latest stats:

  • 62% of Canadians believe the video game industry is an innovative sector which is helping to shape the Canadian economy of the future
  • 65% of Canadians believe the video game industry has an overall positive impact on the Canadian economy
  • 67% of Canadians believe that the video game industry provides good opportunities for young people currently planning their careers
  •  71% of Canadians say that the governments have a role to play in choosing which industries will drive our economy in the future

Click to download 2014  Essential Facts about the Canadian Video Game Industry [pdf].

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