Judges for the 2020 SVGC have not yet been announced.  Please check back at a later time.

Below is the panel of judges from the 2019 SVGC:



Erik Caponi
Relic Entertainment, Vancouver
Erik is a Game Director at Relic Entertainment in Vancouver. As a fifteen-year veteran of the games industry, he has played key roles in the direction and development of some of the best games of the last decade, including the Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and XCOM franchises. Erik continues to be excited, motivated, and humbled by the opportunity to reach players and embraces the daily challenge of pushing the art and craft of game development to new limits.




Geoff Coates
Relic Entertainment, Vancouver
Geoff Coates is an Art Director for Relic Entertainment. He’s been making videogames since 1995, which means he is old, but also extremely wise. His first game experience was as a UI designer at EA, working on their first 3D baseball title for the 3DO. It was hard, mainly because he had no idea what he was doing, but also because Photoshop didn’t have layers back then. Since then, he’s worked on multiple baseball titles at EA, before working as a UI artist and eventually the  art director for the SSX snowboarding franchise. After leaving EA after a decade in 2005, Geoff art directed at a number of game studios in Vancouver on 1st person shooters(Propaganda Games), free to play titles (Nexon), a couple of Wii titles (Next Level Games), 3rd person zombie shooters (Deadrising 4, Capcom), and a number of RTS titles with Relic.



Osama Dorias
WB Games, Montreal
Senior Game Designer at Warner Brothers, Osama Dorias has deep connections to the video game industry. He has held positions as Game designer, Narrative designer, and Lead designer at Gameloft Montreal, GEE Media, Ubisoft Montreal, and Minority Media. Osama is also Dawson College’s Coordinator of Video Game Programs where he teaches game and level design. He is committed to empowering students and designers to express themselves through making games. He is committed to giving a voice to marginalized people and communities and this commitment has culminate in his co-founding the Montreal Independent Games Awards. Osama Dorias is proud to join ESAC is supporting the future of game design.



Lois Macneill
Sculpin QA, Prince Edward Island
Lois Macneill started her career with Other Ocean Interactive as a game tester in 2008, and was quickly promoted to Lead Tester in 2009, then Project Manager in 2010, and in 2012 to the senior management role of QA Manager for the Other Ocean Group of Companies. Lois currently has a team o f50 and oversees technical, creative, and user experience assurance for Sculpin QA and Other Ocean Interactive products, as well as external clients. Lois has overseen test planning and release of over 1800 games on dozens of platforms. She is proud to represent Atlantic Canada and to support game developer talent.



Marc Saltzman
Freelance Tech Journalist, Toronto
Marc Saltzman has reported on the high-tech industry since 1996 as a freelance journalist, author, lecturer, consultant, and radio and TV personality. His specialties lie in consumer electronics, computers, Internet trends and social media, business tech, interactive entertainment, and future trends. In June 2019, Marc will host the TV show “Tech Impact,” on CNBC (Saturday 11am ET/8am PT). Marc is also a frequent guest on CNN, Headline News, FOX, Global and CTV. Marc has also made appearances on NBC’s “Today Show,” QVC’s Saturday Q” and the “CBS Early Show.” Marc is a proud supporter of new game developer talent.



Patrick Trochaniak
Xbox Canada, Toronto
Digital Marketing Professional with Xbox, Microsoft, Patrick Trochaniak has a has a passion for technology, gaming, and design. A graduated from the Lazaridis School of Business, Wilfrid Laurier University in Marketing and Economics, Patrick builds out innovative marketing campaigns launching new Xbox and Windows products while ensuring a great shopping experience with retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Patrick is proud to support developing game developer talent in Canada’s video game industry.