June 9, 2016, Toronto, Ontario – The Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) is proud to announce that Arrow Heads, a game developed by students from Sheridan College, will be showcased at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, California from June 14-16, 2016, the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games. The game is the winner of ESAC’s annual Student Video Game Competition, now in its second year. Arrow Heads was developed by Sheridan students at OddBird Studio, a team comprising of Benjamin Scott, Joshua Cappelli, Shae Humphries, Brendan Muir, Zack Wolfe and Cody Romphf.

“This is the second year of our Student Video Game Competition and it has exceeded our expectations once again,” said Jayson Hilchie, President & CEO of ESAC. “As the Canadian video game industry continues to grow nationally, we are seeing students from across the country develop an interest in furthering careers in this industry,” he added.

“E3 is one of the biggest showcases for new video games in the world. Several market-leading blockbuster franchises and innovative games developed in Canada will be unveiled for fans and industry partners. We’re pleased to be able to showcase the future talent of the video game industry through our Student Video Game Competition,” said Hilchie.

“We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to showcase our game Arrow Heads at E3 this year” said Cody Romphf. “Everyone on our team has their own expertise, whether that’s gameplay programming, stylizing characters, animation, or level design. We can’t wait to show the talent and skills that come from Canada”, he added.

The Canadian video game industry has seen a rapid growth with 143 new studios emerging in the past year. The growing demand for experienced developers and creators will become a focal point for the future of the industry. Sheridan College launched their 4 year Game Design program in 2013.

“The fact that we could contribute to such a strong inception makes us hopeful that this is only the beginning of our success story and the continuation of Sheridan’s amazing Game Design program”, said Romphf.

The ESAC Student Video Game Competition is designed to recognize top video game talent from Canadian academic institutions. The winner will receive an exclusive showcase display and valuable networking opportunities at E3 2016. With over 1,400 new jobs expected within the Canadian video game industry in the next 12-24 months, ESAC is committed to supporting the young, creative and technical minds of the future.

About Arrow Heads
OddBird Studio is a collaboration of Sheridan College Game Design students operating out of Oakville, Ontario. Arrow Heads is a fast paced multiplayer archery game, played from an isometric perspective. Arrow Heads was also awarded the top prize at the 2016 Level Up Showcase in Toronto. For more information on Arrow Heads, please visit: www.oddbirdstudio.ca

About E3 Expo
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 Expo) is the foremost trade show of the newest trends, products and technologies for the global entertainment software industry. Hosted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the E3 Expo brings together developers, distributers and media from around the world to experience the future of interactive entertainment.

About ESAC
ESAC is the voice of the Canadian video game industry.ESAC works on behalf of its members to ensure the legal, regulatory and public affairs environment is favourable for the long-term development of Canada’s video game industry, which now contributes $3 billion to Canada’s GDP. Association members include the nation’s leading interactive software developers and publishers including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Microsoft Canada, Nintendo of Canada, Sony Computer Entertainment, Disney Interactive Studios, Other Ocean, Glu, Take Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Ludia, Silverback Games, Square Enix, Relic Entertainment, Roadhouse Interactive, United Front Games and Gameloft as well as distributors Solutions 2 Go and Team One Marketing.