LongTail_LOGO_2010Halifax’s Longtail Studios has joined ESAC as its newest associate members. Longtail set up its Nova Scotian studio in 2009 and now employs 45 people in downtown Halifax.

“Longtail will not only benefit from membership with ESAC, but it will further add to the diversity and richness of the association’s existing membership,” said Jayson Hilchie, President and CEO of ESAC. “Hands down, it’s a win-win scenario,” he added.

“Contributing to ESAC’s advocacy efforts will directly further our company’s goals in the short term, but will also help to promote and defend the Canadian industry’s interests in the long term,” said Estelle Jacquemard, Longtail’s General Manager in Halifax. “We’re thrilled to be on board.”

Longtail was founded in 2003 by Gerard Guillemot, one of the co-founders of Ubisoft.  The company is based in New York City and has a development studio in Halifax.  Longtail began as a mobile phone game maker in the early days of the mobile game evolution.  They made many games for traditional cell phones prior to the advent of smart phone technology.  One of their first games for the iPhone was TNA Wrestling in 2009.  Since then the studio has focused on motion games for consoles with the development of their 2010 title Dance on Broadway for the Wii and PS3 Move.  In 2011 they co-developed Motion Sports Adrenaline for the Xbox 360 Kinect.  Last year they co-developed Sports Connection, which was a launch title for the new Wii-U and featured at E3.  They are currently completing their portion of co-developing the new Rocksmith 2014 for Ubisoft.

To learn more about Longtail Studios please visit their website http://www.longtailstudios.com/