This Privacy Notice describes how the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC), collects uses and discloses personal information about ESAC members, visitors to our website and other individuals who may engage with us, both online and offline.


ESAC collects information about its members, which may include information about companies as well as business contact information relating to specific individuals within those companies. This information is used and may be disclosed for the purposes of facilitating industry relationships, lobbying, communicating on behalf of members and other membership-related purposes. Information may therefore be disclosed to government officials, lawyers, consultants, and other members in the software industry for such purposes.

ESAC may collect and use personal information from non-members, such as name and contact information, for various purposes, including the following:

  • facilitating participation in promotions, including contests
  • receiving and responding to reports of piracy, general feedback and inquiries about ESAC
  • facilitating newsletter subscriptions

We use this information only for the specific purposes for which it is collected. ESAC will not use this information for other purposes or share this information with third parties without obtaining consent.

In addition, certain information is collected about visitors to ESAC website, including information such as IP address, device type and browser type. This information is used to facilitate communication with our website, to analyze traffic and to improve the content and structure of our site. This information is not linked to any identifying information.

It is possible that ESAC could be required to disclose information to law enforcement agencies or parties to a civil proceeding in response to a warrant, subpoena or court order.


Personal information may be transferred to third-party service providers, such as those who assist with managing our relationships with members, running contests, email marketing, etc. Third-party service providers are prohibited from using personal information for their own purposes and are required to implement security measures to protect personal information.

Some service providers may be located in foreign jurisdictions, including the United States, such that personal information may be transferred and stored in those jurisdictions. Personal information located in a foreign jurisdiction could be subject to access by governmental and law enforcement agencies in that jurisdiction. For more information about our practices with respect to outsourcing and transfers to foreign jurisdictions please contact our Privacy Officer at: pfogolin@theESA.Ca


ESAC has in place administrative, physical and technical measures to protect the security of information in our possession, including measures such as network firewalls, password-protected databases and requirements for employees and contractors to sign confidentiality agreements.
Accuracy, Access and Inquiries

ESAC attempts to ensure that personal information is as current and accurate as necessary. Individuals have a right to access and to seek corrections of their personal information that is in the possession of ESAC. If you would like to obtain access to or seek corrections of personal information we may have, or if you have any questions about our personal information-handling practices, please contact our Privacy Officer at: pfogolin@theESA.Ca