ESAC and its member companies are committed to the communities where we live and work.

The thousands of men and women who work in our industry have donated their time and millions of dollars over the past few years to local charities, arts organizations, community centers, hospitals and educational institutions.

The Canadian video game industry also contributes to leading national organizations and charities so our impact can be felt across the country.

Some of our member’s key initiatives include:

  • Donating video game consoles, tablets and PCs to children’s hospitals nationally;
  • Donating experiential installations to charity events that support children’s hospitals, childhood diseases and educational non-profits;
  • Supporting and leading educational programs that teach youth to code and pursue a career in technology or videogames;
  • Donating resources and staff to create games that feature educational and Canadian historical content;
  • Funding community center programs for disadvantaged youth across the country;
  • Supporting LGBT organizations and initiatives through participation in pride festivals and donations to LGBT youth organizations;
  • Supporting and running Extra Life events, primarily composed of gaming marathons, to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals;
  • Conducting studio tours that introduce elementary and high school students to the exciting world of game design;
  • Supporting performing arts festivals, theatre companies and arts education organizations and giving children the opportunity to participate in the arts.