Esports is one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries in the world, with a global community of hundreds of millions of people who actively compete in or watch esports each year.

As members of the global video games and esports community (including the owners and publishers of the intellectual property underlying esports) we created these guiding principles of engagement in an effort to promote esports that are fun, fair, and enjoyed by players around the world in an open and inclusive environment. We support these principles and encourage all esports stakeholders to do the same.

These principles were developed in a collaborative effort and designed to be applicable in esports environments across the world: safety and well-being, integrity and fair play, respect and diversity, and positive and enriching game play.

Through mutual respect, understanding, and purpose, we strive to foster community that is responsible, welcoming, engaging, and of course, fun. By promoting a safe, fair, and inclusive esports environment, all members of the esports ecosystem benefit from sportsmanship, camaraderie, and other positive values that our industry actively promotes.

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Download International Esports Principles

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