Promoting Positive Play:

Using innovative systems and tools to promote positive play in communities.



Ubisoft launched its Fair Play Program in 2022 to raise awareness on disruptive behaviors in the gaming community, help players recognize their own triggers, and learn how they can better understand the roots of those behaviors to overcome them.

The program consists of five learning capsules with nine videos, one quiz, one self-assessment and one commitment, which take about 25 minutes to complete in total. The Fair Play Program also features interviews with a pro Rainbow Six Siege esports player and a coach, who will talk about how engaging in positive behavior helps maximize their team’s potential and bolsters the competitive scene.

The Fair Play Program is a continuation of Ubisoft’s bigger journey of creating gaming structures that foster more rewarding social experiences and avoid harmful interactions through multiple approaches, such as the “Zero Harm in Comms” project launched with Riot Games. The Fair Play Program was designed in collaboration with a group of digital-learning experts, psychologists, internal Ubisoft creatives, and Ubisoft’s Online Services team. The team also looked at studies provided by the Fair Play Alliance, all focusing on player behavior, player protection, impact on gameplay, and the impact of player well-being.